Pixelhobby Instructions

Assembly Instructions

Each design is recommended to be completed one baseplate at a time.

For each symbol, look up the pixel color in the symbol list. Start with the first pixel and work your way over each row, one row at a time. This will help to keep track of where you are in your design. Also, marking (coloring) each symbol on your chart page as you complete it will help as well.

When placing a pixel, position the pixel into the first square on the baseplate using tweezers, and then press the pixel into place using the index finger of your free hand. Repeat this step across until all colors in one row are complete, then move onto the next row. Continue until the entire baseplate is completed.

After all baseplates have been filled, connect them using the plate connectors as shown. You can then fasten them together using sturdy, clear tape on the back of the plates. Foam board can be used to provide more support for the connector plates if you wish.


Keep The Pixels Aligned
To reduce visible seems between plates, try to keep the pixels aligned straight as you place them. Be sure your first initial row is straight.

The best tweezers to use are those that have a narrow, sturdy tip. That type makes it easier to place a pixel that is next to a pixel already placed in the baseplate. Also, tweezers with a smooth “grabbing” surface is better since they are less likely to scratch/dent the top and sides of the pixel.

Detaching A Pixel from a Pixel Square
It is best to hold the pixel square on a flat surface when pulling off a pixel. Also, rotating the pixel slightly while pulling a pixel can help to make the pixel detach with much less effort.

Avoid Excessive Handling of the Pixels
Lighter pixel colors can soil and are difficult to clean

Reading The Symbol Sheet
Column 1: Sample of the pixel color
Column 2: Symbol on the chart
Column 3: Color # (Pixelhobby Color Number)
Column 4: The amount of pixels of that color that will be needed to complete the design.
Column 5: When ordering your pixels, each block of color ordered will come with approximately 135 pixels of the color. This row will tell you how many blocks you will need.

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