Cleaning & Care

Care Instructions:

When handling any needlework, always take the special care that is necessary to keep your work clean. Wash hands frequently to prevent body oils from staining the fabric or cross stitching.
Be sure to remove your cross stitching from the hoop each time you stop stitching to prevent hoop marks from soiling your fabric.
It is recommended that you use approximately 18″ lengths of thread when stitching your project. This will help to avoid knotting, twisting or fraying of the thread while you work.
Your project should be stored in a bag or workbasket when not being stitched to protect it from dust, spills, etc.

Washing Instructions For Cross Stitch:

If you have followed the above care instructions, you may not find it necessary to launder your piece before framing or finishing it. If, however, your piece has become soiled, wash it following the instructions below:
Always wash each cross stitch separately – DO NOT wash cross stitched pieces with any other cross stitch projects or laundered items.
Wash your cross stitch in lukewarm water with a mild detergent or dishwashing liquid. DO NOT use Woolite, harsh detergents or chlorine bleach.
Rince cross stitch several times in clear water. Do not worry if water becomes colored when washing your piece – continue rinsing in clear water.
Roll the cross stitch between two clean towels squeezing gently without wringing – DO NOT allow cross stitch piece to touch upon itself. Unroll towels and spread out piece flat to dry on a towel. NEVER leave damp cross stitch folded or in a heap.
To iron your piece, place the dry cross stitch face down between two clean towels and press with a warm, not hot, iron. To remove creases or fold lines from your piece, you may find it necessary to use the steam setting on your iron.
It is NOT recommended that Scotchgard or other products of this type be used on your projects as they may cause chemical reaction with the thread dyes.
It is generally NOT recommended that your cross stitch be dry cleaned. However, certain fabrics (i.e., wools) may require dry cleaning. We suggest that you speak to your local dry cleaner, advising him that there may be a reaction between the thread dyes and the dry cleaning chemicals (i.e., benzene, trichlorethylene, etc.)

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